Since 2010, we have had the privilege of a rewarding and long-term collaboration with the Danish fashion brand, b.young, which is part of DK Company.

Over the years, we have delivered hundreds of stores for the chain in different countries – all in line with the brand’s DNA and b.young’s vision.

Each store environment is characterized by a warm and cozy atmosphere that embraces customers and gives them a unique shopping experience.

A warm and cozy shopping universe

b.young wants to welcome their customers in a warm and cozy atmosphere in their stores.
It’s not just about buying clothes. It should be an experience where customers feel at home and inspired to explore the collections.

Calm and warm color combinations characterize the store environment and create a feeling of comfort and coziness. Natural materials such as wood and stone form a significant part of the furnishings and decorations to connect with nature and promote a relaxing atmosphere.

Emphasis has been placed on comfortable and soft lighting that highlights the clothes in the best possible way, while harmonizing with the warm and inviting character of the room.

The carefully balanced combination of colors, materials and lighting makes b.young’s stores a warm and cozy shopping universe where customers feel welcome.

Scan Studio - b.young Plant ceiling in entrance
Scan Studio - b.young Plant ceiling with light

A specific trademark

One of the most striking features of b.young’s stores is the beautiful plant ceiling with beautiful lighting in the entrance area.

This distinctive element has become part of the b.young brand and a big part of the stores’ identity, creating instant recognition among their customers and capturing their attention.

Realizing b.youngs store vision

At Scan Studio, we work hard to realize the vision behind every b.young store.

The design process has been characterized by creativity and collaboration between our designers and project managers and the visual manager from b.young.
Through several meetings with idea presentations, a solid foundation has been created for the development of b.young’s store concept.

From there, we developed the final concept and handled all the drawing work to create elements that are fully in line with their vision of a warm, inviting and cozy retail environment.

Scan Studio - b.young table
Scan Studio - b.young couch

We also handle the delivery of all fixtures and fittings, from stylish facade signs to flooring and the right lighting solution. Each element is carefully crafted and selected to ensure it harmonizes with the overall store image and creates the right atmosphere.

For the vast majority of projects, we also contribute with construction and installation work, ensuring a well-coordinated process from start to finish. The store will only be handed over when it is 100% ready to move in.

Scan Studio - b.young Plant wall by fitting room
Scan Studio system Byoung

A successful concept

The success of our work with b. young is reflected in the many stores that have opened. Each store reflects the brand’s unique identity, and we are proud of the great response the final result has received from DK Company and their b.young stores.

We appreciate the close and long-term collaboration with the inspiring Danish fashion brand and look forward to continuing to create and deliver the inviting store environments.