EVOKED VILA invites you into a world of shapes and colors that stand out from the crowd and create a unique customer experience.

We are proud to have been part of this exciting adventure from the very beginning, implementing and delivering a new shop concept for the first three stores the chain has opened in Denmark.

A colorful and playful universe

EVOKED Vila had clear ambitions for their upcoming stores. Colors and shapes had to play a crucial role, allowing customers to immerse themselves in the brand’s DNA.

At Scan Studio, we put together the final store concept and design expression with input from multiple stakeholders.
The result was a concept that stands out with unique color combinations, a beautiful mix of materials and a visual dynamic with different shapes.

EVOKED VILA shop counter Kolding
Scan Studio - EVOKED VILA store

From idea to reality

At Scan Studio, we have worked hard to realize the vision behind EVOKED VILA’s stores.

In addition to putting together the final concept, we designed the layout of the stores and managed the project management of the construction and assembly work. This has resulted in a seamless and well-coordinated process from start to finish.

We have also been responsible for the delivery of crucial elements such as lighting, flooring and furniture.
In this way, we have ensured that each element meets the requirements for quality and aesthetic expression.

EVOKED VILA opened their first store in Randers on August 10, 2023, followed by a store in Kolding on August 24 and in Odense on September 7.

The three new stores each have their own unique personality, but the same atmosphere of creativity and sensory experience.

Scan Studio - EVOKED VILA store

Scalable and flexible

A successful store solution needs to be scalable and flexible without compromising its unique character.

At Scan Studio, we always strive for this fundamental principle.
We therefore worked intensively to refine design drawings so that they could be used to efficiently manufacture the furniture.
This has resulted in a concept that is both flexible and scalable, and can be seamlessly implemented in future stores.

This allows EVOKED VILA to maintain the high quality and visual consistency while expanding their presence with ease.

Scan Studio - EVOKED VILA shop front
Scan Studio - EVOKED VILA store

A close collaboration

We understand the importance of good partnerships, and a project like this requires close collaboration with all parties involved.

Together with EVOKED VILA’s retail department and Nordic Shop Solutions, we worked closely to ensure that the vision was successfully realized. A partnership that has been crucial in creating EVOKED VILA’s inspiring store universe and the chain’s first three stores.