Den kreative proces

Vi sikrer et overskueligt forløb og har dine behov i fokus

No two customers are alike, and that’s why we place a high value on the creative process in every single project. In close collaboration with you, we create design concepts that meet all functional criteria and align with the brand’s identity.

All projects vary in scope, duration, and complexity. The process outlined below can be viewed as a general overview but will, of course, be tailored and adjusted to the specific project.

We are flexible and can handle the entire process or parts of it, depending on your needs and preferences.

1. Initial dialogue

Dialogue is the crucial first step in the development of a new concept and forms the foundation for creativity to flourish Through initial meetings, we share insights and ideas, gaining insights into your vision. We align expectations, map out the budget, and listen to your needs and preferences for the design, ensuring we have the best starting point for the next steps in the process. You will be assigned one of our project managers, who will ensure to keep you updated throughout the entire process.

2. Design proposals

Based on the initial dialogue, our experienced designers begin to translate it into visual ideas and unique solutions that align with current trends. Our design proposals include interior layouts, sketches, and mood boards, providing a complete visualization of the concept. We focus on creating a visual identity that reflects your company and appeals to your target audience.

3. Evaluation & Approval

Once the design proposals are ready, they are presented to you and evaluated together to ensure that the final design concept meets all of your requirements. We make any necessary adjustments, and the final concept is approved. It's important for us to have transparent and honest communication. Our offers are transparent regarding prices and provide a clear overview of which of our partners you will be working with during the construction process.

Scan Studio Parquet samples

4. Production

When all the details are clarified, we commence the production of the new furnishings. We understand that time is a valuable resource and, therefore, ensure an efficient process, allowing your interior plans to be realized quickly and without delays. We only collaborate with suppliers in whom we have great trust and have high standards for the quality of materials and production methods.

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5. Remodeling & Installation

The dream becomes a reality when the concept is built in the store. Regardless of the company's location, we can assist in constructing and installing the new interior layout. In addition to our own installers, we also have a close collaboration with installation companies and various specialists. We can, therefore, handle all construction tasks - from demolition of walls to painting, flooring, installation, lighting, etc.

6. Handover

Before the final handover of the store, the project manager conducts a thorough quality check with you to ensure that all details are in place. We stand behind all the work related to the new concept and ensure that the store is ready for the official launch, allowing you to present a perfect shopping experience for your customers. Your satisfaction is our top priority, and the finished store is only handed over when it is 100% ready for occupancy.

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