VILA | Amsterdam

In the heart of one of the Netherlands’ leading shopping centers, The Styles Outlet in Amsterdam, VILA has opened their latest concept store. A project that began in early February and culminated in an impressive opening on April 12, 2024.

At 260 square metres, the store captures VILA’s core identity through an immersive shopping experience that reflects elegance, quality and accessibility.

VILA Amsterdam Facade billede
VILA Amsterdam. Clothes rack and wood panelling in store
VILA Amsterdam. In-store fitting rooms
VILA Amsterdam. Wooden panels with LED behind clothes rack

Colors that create life and warmth

The store presents a consistent balance between warmth and life by highlighting gold and green shades.

Combined with elegant marble podiums and countertops, an extra layer of exclusivity is added to the presentation of VILA’s collections, which not only enhances the aesthetics but also emphasizes the high quality standard.

VILA Amsterdam. Logo on wooden panel

An inviting atmosphere with light and nature

The specially designed wooden panels with built-in LED lighting offer a modern solution that creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere. With planters on the walls and large pots filled with lush plants, we bring nature indoors, adding a fresh and inspiring element to the store.

All details are designed and assembled to create a unique atmosphere in true VILA spirit.

We are proud to have contributed with design and delivery, and we look forward to continuing our collaboration on more exciting projects.

VILA Amsterdam. Plant boxes above clothes racks
VILA Amsterdam. Photo and logo above clothes racks
VILA Amsterdam. Gold background
VILA Amsterdam. Marble podium with mannequin
VILA Amsterdam. Green bagground
VILA Amsterdam. Checkout area