Inventory and interior solutions tailored to the optician industry

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At Scan Studio, we have worked dedicatedly on design development and implementation of store concepts for many years.

And our expertise has grown even further.

In collaboration with a specialized manufacturer with many years of experience in inventory for the optician industry, we have the opportunity to offer a tailored design that combines functionality and aesthetics.
A concept that ensures you high-quality inventory and great value for money.

4 advantages of our optician inventory

Scan Studio Hidden cabinet at optician

Beautiful design
Our inventory is not only functional. It is also designed with an eye for the aesthetic aspect that creates a stylish and inviting atmosphere in your store.

Good quality
Quality is crucial in the optician industry, where products need to be protected and presented correctly. Our inventory is built to last and protect your products.

Built-in LED lighting
With LED lighting integrated into all modules, you can easily achieve the desired lighting effect and highlight your products.

Easy installation
Our inventory is easy to install, making the setup of the chosen interior uncomplicated and problem-free.

Focus on flexibility, quality and targeted LED lighting

The inventory plays a crucial role in ensuring a stylish and functional layout for optician stores, while also creating a pleasant atmosphere and providing customers with the optimal experience.

We have designed our inventory with focus on flexibility, quality, and LED lighting, making it the ideal solution for optician stores seeking a unique and attractive store environment.

Inventory tailored to your optician store

One of the characteristics of our inventory is its high flexibility. Our modules can be combined and customized in countless ways, creating a unique expression in your optician store.

Whether you desire a modern minimalist style or a more classic interior, our inventory can be tailored to your needs. The same inventory can, therefore, be used in different stores, and still have entirely different expressions.

Your store can be differentiated by focusing on flooring, furniture, wall coverings, lighting, and other inventory items that creates a unique and original overall impression.

And, of course, we can also assist with this part.

Scan Studio optician shop

Design and project management in one place

Our expertise extends far beyond delivering quality inventory.

We can also offer you a complete solution where we design and build your optician store from scratch.

In close collaboration with our experienced designers and project managers, a complete concept is created that fulfills your unique visions and needs.

We are with you from the first idea to the final installation.

While we handle all the necessary tasks in construction and project management, you free up time for other important matters. This way, you can stay focused on your core business throughout the process.

Our project management includes both the construction and installation phases, and you can have full confidence that your store will be realized with precision and quality – according to your dreams.

LED lighting that highlights your products

Lighting plays a significant role in any interior design – and, of course, this applies to optician stores as well.

The right LED lighting is the key to showcasing the most elegant glasses and creating the perfect ambiance in your store.

All our modules come with LED lighting that is easy to install and customize. Therefore, you can easily achieve the desired lighting effect, enhancing the value of your interior and making it inviting for customers to explore the store.

Scan Studio Shelf at optician

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With our optician design, you have the opportunity to customize your interior at all levels – from design to lighting.

Our flexible approach, combined with quality and beautiful LED lighting, ensures that your optician store stands out and offers customers an unforgettable experience.

We are ready to assist you in realizing your vision for your optician store
– whether you need individual modules or a complete solution.